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Master Recycling is a recycling and solid waste consulting firm.  Available throughout United States, Master Recycling offers a wide range of experience in the field of recycling, waste diversion, and solid waste programs, specializing in solid waste reduction.  Master Recycling has employed recycling specialists with decades of hands-on experience in recycling, reduction, diversion, hauling, processing, and all types of equipment. 

Evaluation of Your Services
With an on-site audit and free evaluation, a Master Recycling specialist will determine what is in your company’s waste stream.  Thereafter, Master Recycling will analyze all possibilities and determine the most efficient way to reduce your company’s waste. Programs are designed to save clients money, time, and space, with the efficiency that will not disrupt a company’s daily operations, at the same time having the piece of mind that you are recycling at a maximum capability. 

Master Recycling is in everyway capable of helping meet the criteria of its clients, in most cases, surpassing it.  Master Recycling gives documentation to all customers to protect them from any legislation required by Government regulations.  While different cities and states have different landfill diversion rates, many of Master Recycling customers are recycling in the excess of 90% with its programs.  The average recycling rate is approximately 46%.

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