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Consulting Services Master Recycling compiles a database of information, analyzes it, and makes customized recommendations on changes that will result in savings.  Changes are implemented upon receiving client’s approval and savings are split between the parties.  As such, there is no cost to use Master Recycling services.  Master Recycling only charges a fee once the customer is provided with a savings.

Consolidated Billing Master Recycling verifies charges on your organization’s behalf, compiles them in a monthly, unified invoice, and makes payment to all subcontractors on your behalf.

Brokerage Services Master Recycling can handle subcontracting of all waste removal. This enables Master Recycling to become, from the client perspective, your only waste hauler.  Some clients prefer this arrangement due to political circumstances within franchised waste hauling areas, because it insulates them from municipal issues.  Consolidated billing is standard with this service.

Information Database All location information is recorded by Master Recycling and immediately available for clients’ main office or location use.  If you need to know a pick-up day, a charge, or a vendor’s fax number, Master Recycling keeps it all cataloged for you. 

Single Point of Contact Each account is assigned a manager that is responsible for servicing all its needs.  A national account manager handles the main office location.

Invoice Auditing Each invoice and rebate payment is monitored by Master Recycling to ensure that all credits and/or payments due its clients are paid.

Customized Reporting Invoice, service, contract, region, and other fields are customized to provide reporting that blends with each client’s needs.

Equipment SelectionLong-term experience leads to expert recommendations on equipment choices, financing, design, and choice of manufacturer.  Master Recycling is not allied with nor compensated by any equipment company and therefore makes all recommendations based solely on client needs.

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